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Collision Repair

JP Auto Collision is your dependable partner for collision repair in Dallas. We know that locating a trustworthy auto repair after an accident is stressful. We value your peace of mind at JP Auto Collision. Our professional team will guide you through the repair procedure and collaborate with your insurance company. We guarantee your vehicle will be safe to drive again in Dallas.


Auto Collision Repair Services in Dallas provide the greatest quality and care for your vehicle. Our first concern at JP Auto Collision is client happiness, which we excel at. Thus, choosing us means choosing greatness, reliability, and a trustworthy partner.

Collision Services

Paint Correction/detailing 

Is your vehicle slowly losing its old shimmer and shine? Stop by JP Auto! We can polish any imperfections, light scratches or swirl marks out of the clear coat. With our paint correction/detailing service we will restore the vehicle's original paintwork, having you leave with your vehicle looking brand new. 

Paint Correction/detailing

Custom Paint

Computerized color matching replicates the exact shade of the vehicle’s color, preventing the repaired part from standing out from the rest of the body.


Paint & Body/Frame Work

Often frame damage to your vehicle is hard to spot, leaving the driver prone to an unstable and unlevel ride,  putting their life at risk. Here at JP Auto we thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Our latest technology can readjust your vehicle’s frame to factory specifications.


​Auto Dent Repair & Removal

Dents are not the most visually appealing and can cause long-term damage to your vehicle. Stop by JP Euro to get your vehicle's dents fixed to prevent further damage and get your car back to pre-dent perfection. 

Paintless Dent Repair

Small dents from door dings, hail damage, and other accidents can be annoying.  As opposed to traditional dent repair, we use a technique known as paintless dent repair which saves you time and money on unnecessary paintwork. Through the manipulation of the metal exterior with dent repair tools, slow pressure is applied as our technicians work the dent of the body. Leaving a factory finish just like a regular dent repair, but at a lower cost.


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